February 19, 2017

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The sanctuary of home

April 1, 2020

So, a pandemic has hit pause on the world. We're all confined to our homes for the foreseeable. 


For some, I can understand this being madly frustrating - for others - less so. It all depends on what keeps you occupied and sets your heart alight. 


However it has made me think about why home is so important to us and the impact it has on the way that we feel. And maybe the reason why I love it so much and why so many of us can spend hours tweaking room layouts, re-painting walls and dressing spaces.

What is home? 


We're required right now to say at home for our own safety - but our homes have always been our safe place.  Just look Maslow's hierarchy of needs; you'll find shelter, alongside food and water at the bottom as the most fundamental of things we need to survive and function. Home is our foundation. 


It's our safe place from which to roam. So even if you are one who travels, enjoys fresh air on your skin, the heat that blesses countries closer to the equator, or packing bags every few weeks for another adventure - home is always the place you return to, that conjures up warmth, images of family, of gatherings and of storytelling.

Home; it's the space where your stories are shared.

When we think of first moving out, half the excitement of renting your first flat, or buying your first home is the chance to 'have your own space.' To paint walls, hang up a poster from your favourite movie, have somewhere to put that throw you bought before you even had a sofa to lay it over - it's all an expression of yourself; who you are, where you've been, who you want to become and what you want share with the people you invite in.
Home is your own personal canvas, to shower with colour, texture and art that reflects you, your life and how you live it. 


It's where we build our families. Where children grow and play and mess up. Where we argue and slam doors. Where we laugh until we cry, snuggle up to our favourite films, eat amazing feasts and crappy takeaways. Where we sunbathe and BBQ, where we sleep and snooze our alarms to steal 'just five more minutes'. 

Home is the background of our photos throughout life and it's the backdrop to some of our most treasured memories.  


How many times have you pointed out an old sofa or crazy wallpaper in the photo's your nan has of you as a baby, and said 'Oh my god! I remember that! Wasn't that there when...'


Our home, whether it is one you own, built or just have on loan, is the place where you can shut the door behind you and breathe. Peel away the layers of you - who you are at work, with friends - gym you, professional you, fun you and have the total and utter freedom to be your barefaced self. 

Home is the space you can retreat to, find comfort and be without expectation.


So as you begin to climb the walls over the next few weeks and become desperate for more - just take a step back and appreciate your home. Be it the dream home, or temporary fix, stunning interior or 'not quite finished yet' - at the moment, it's performing it's most basic and fundamental function, to be your shelter and to keep you safe. 








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